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Мы - профессионалы будущего!
Наш Лицей - ЛУЧШИЙ !!!
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Наш Лицей - дорога в Будущее!
Наш Лицей - дорога в Будущее!
У нас гости!
У нас гости!
Наш лицей - ЛУЧШИЙ !!!
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Практическое задание.


(Описание города)

Exercise 1.1. Read the text about Sydney. Here are the five headings. Write them in the correct place. (Прочитайте текст о Сиднее. Даны 5 заголовков. Озаглавьте каждый абзац текста.)

  • What to do
  • What to eat
  • Where to stay
  • When to go
  • How to travel


How to have a good time in Sydney


Sydney has everything you want in a city. It’s beautiful, it has old and new buildings, there are fantastic beaches, and the food is delicious.

  1. The best times to visit are spring and autumn. In summer it is very hot.


  1. There are cheap hotels in King’s Cross. A room is about $50 a night. There are international hotels in the centre. Here a room is about $150 a night.


  1. Sydney has theatres and cinemas, and of course, the Opera House. The best shops are in Pitt Street.

Go to the harbor. There beaches, walks, parks, and cafes and, of course, the wonderful bridge.


Sydney has the famous Bondi Beach. People go swimming, surfing, windsurfing, and sailing.

For night-life, there are clubs and bars in Oxford Street.


  1. There are restaurants from every country – Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Australians eat a lot of seafood – it’s very fresh!


  1. There are fast trains and slow buses. The best way to see Sydney is by ferry.




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