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«Shops and Shopping»

Повторение темы «Shops and Shopping».


Словарь по теме


  • shopping list — список покупок

  • purchases — покупки
  • discount card — скидочная карта
  • sale — распродажа
  • a self-service shop — магазин самообслуживания
  • shopping mall — торговый центр
  • everyday essentials — повседневные предметы первой необходимости
  • foodstuffs — продукты питания
  • bakery department — хлебобулочный отдел
  • dairy — молочные продукты / молочный отдел
  • butcher — мясной отдел
  • department store — универмаг
  • ready-made clothes — готовая одежда
  • ready-made food — приготовленная еда

  • entertainment — развлечения




  1. Write the conversations in the correct order (Напишите разговоры в правильном порядке).


The first conversation (Первый разговор)

- Oh, OK. Can I try it on?

- Yes, please. The changing rooms are over there.

- How much is this T-shirt? I can’t find the price.

- Yes, of course. How can I help?

- Excuse me. Could you help me, please? 

- Er, let me have a look. Here it is. It’s £14. 



The second conversation (Второй разговор)

- Medium. Would you like to try it on? 

- Yes, please.

- Oh, it suits you perfectly.

- What is the jacket made of?

- Really? Ok, then. I’ll buy it.

- What size is it?

- Excuse me. How much does this jacket cost?

- It’s £120.

- It’s made of leather.


  1. 2. Match up the shop with the appropriate goods (Соотнесите магазины с товарами, которые они продают).


  1. 1. bookshop                             a. a loaf of bread, rolls, long loaf
  2. newsagent’s                         b. a bouquet of roses, lilies, flowers
  3. bakery                                  c. a packet of painkillers, pills, medicine
  4. butcher’s                              d. a gold necklace, a diamond ring, pendent
  5. confectioner’s                      e. a magazine, a newspaper, greeting card
  6. 6. greengrocer’s                        f. hairspray, a bottle of perfume, hand cream
  7. 7. chemist’s                               g. pralines, chocolate, cake
  8. 8. florist’s                                  h. books, novels,
  9. department store                    i. fruits, vegetables, apples
  10. 10. hair and beauty salon           j. lamb chops, ham, sausages
  11. 11. jeweller’s                             k. leather suitcase, a woolen skirt, a clock
  12. 12. antique shop                         l. shampoo, products, household chemicals
  13. supermarket                         m. an old clock, bric-a-brac, silver bell



  1. Fill in the correct words from the list (Вставьте правильное слово из списка).

could, loaves, greengrocer's, offer, credit, much, order

  1. Can I have two....of bread, please?
  2. The large department stores ....a great variety of products.
  3. You can buy fresh vegetables at this .... .
  4. ....I have the pills in this prescription, please?
  5. I’d like to ....a bouquet of lilies, please.
  6. Excuse me – How .... are these trousers?
  7. Do you take a ....card?


  1. Translate the words. (Переведите слова и фразы выделенные жирным шрифтом)


  1. In Paris you can shop till you drop. Here there are a lot of boutiques, department stores, confectioner’s, antique shops, hair and beauty salons, jeweller’s.
  2. The shopsare open from 9 to 6 every day except Sunday.
  3. The sales are usually in January and July in Brussels. I love this time because I can find some bargains.
  4. This store is really big. In addition to fifteen bars and restaurants there is a travel agent’s, a dry cleaner’s and a bank.
  5. They have a good selectionand their prices are not


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